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On this page, you can get a free download of AVG Antivirus APK with Pro Unlocked features. In addition, we will go over all of the elements with you in depth.
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Smartphone use is gradually increasing, and we are increasingly relying on them. We all have important data and files on our smartphones, don’t we? As a result, protecting our data from harmful viruses, malware, and other threats is critical. Here, antivirus software comes into play, and AVG Antivirus APK is one of the most widely used. I’m aware that there are numerous other apps available that claim to protect your Android smartphone from malware, but not all of them work very well. And once your device has been compromised, obtaining the data becomes extremely difficult.

Hackers stole all of your vital data and corrupted or locked your files. As a result, no one wants to jeopardize their critical data. So, to protect your data, you must install AVG APK on your device. It includes several other features and options, such as an app locker, image vault, VPN, Wi-Fi speed, and others.

This app’s interface and overall experience are extremely impressive and user-friendly. It is the primary reason users actively use this Apk; over 100 million people have already installed it on the Play Store. However, the accessible version of this app does not include all premium features; however, if you want to use all features, AVG Antivirus APK can be very useful.

It is wholly unlocked and has all of the capabilities of any Android device. So, today we will share the free download AVG Antivirus APK with all pro unlocked features. Let’s get started if you want to download and use all those features.

AVG AntiVirus APK
AVG AntiVirus APK

What is AVG Antivirus APK?

AVG Antivirus APK is a customized application designed specifically for Android users that provides all premium unlocked features for free. Users can use all of its pro features and some new parts. It gives all Android users unlimited access to the premium feature. It only needs to be installed and then used for free. Users can also avoid advertisements.

AVG Antivirus APK Best Features:

You’re probably aware, and we’ve already discussed it, that AVG Antivirus includes several unique and premium features. As a result, you will become well-versed in all of these features. It is highly beneficial to understand the options available on this app. It’s right here.

Protect yourself from unknown viruses and malware

the fact that we owe to the world and to the fact that we owe to the world and the world. Unknown threats and malware have a high probability in this environment. As a result, you may have to compromise your data. Using AVG Antivirus to protect yourself from viruses and malware would be best. It regularly scans all installed applications and files on your phone. When you install a new file or application on your device, it checks for and attempts to detect malicious malware.

Another excellent option is that it can protect you when you browse the internet and visit various websites. Harmful threats can originate from insecure websites or even link clicks in emails. AVG Antivirus APK, on the other hand, scans each website in real-time and attempts to protect it from unknown viruses. As you can see, this app provides complete protection for your device.

Real-Time Scan of All Apps, Games, and Other Files

You may know that when a virus or malware enters your system, it immediately begins doing its work. As a result, it is critical to scan all apps, games, and files in real time, which this app easily accomplishes. When it detects something harmful, it shows you how to remove it. You also have the option of removing the malware from your device.

Pin, Pattern, and Fingerprint App Locker

If you want to keep your app safe with an app locker, you can do so by installing a third-party app. Numerous app locker applications are available, and many smartphones include these features. AVG also consists of a secure app locker with PIN, Pattern, and biometric Fingerprint options. So, no one can access your app without your PIN or authorization.

Don’t install another app if you already have AVG and want to use App Locker. This app’s feature is simple to use. You only need to enable the app locker and lock the specific app or game.

Clean and Kill Tasks to Increase Phone Speed

We do a lot on smartphones, storing many junk and temporary files. Those files gradually slow down your smartphone, and you’re having trouble. So, to increase your phone’s speed, you must delete the temporary and junk files. Furthermore, many apps and tasks are already running in the background, consuming your phone’s battery and processing power. This causes your phone to slow down and perform poorly.

However, if you use AVG Antivirus APK, you won’t have to worry about it because it can easily clean all the junk and temporary files and boost your smartphone’s speed. Also, it can kill all unnecessary tasks and increase your phone performance quickly.

Get Private Image Vault

Sometimes we have private images we do not want anyone, including our friends, to see. Don’t be concerned if you have personal images and are looking for an encrypted image vault. AVG also offers a private and encrypted image vault to store your images. After that, you won’t be able to find those images in your phone’s gallery or file manager. As a result, no one can view those images without your permission.

VPN for Web Browsing Security

It would be best to use a VPN, such as Express VPN, for the best security and privacy while browsing the web. However, if you use this AVG APK, you will not need another VPN application. Because it also offers the best and most secure VPN service and is entirely free to use. VPNs are beneficial for many reasons, including hiding the IP address, encrypting all data, and many others. As a result, when you browse the web, enable its VPN option.

Scan for Threats and Wi-Fi Connection Speed

When you connect to a Wi-Fi network, you can use this app to measure the download and upload speeds. It can be pretty helpful sometimes, and you don’t need to use another third-party tool to check the connection speed. The best part is that AVG Antivirus scans your Wi-Fi network to protect you from threats. We occasionally connect to public Wi-Fi, which can be extremely dangerous to your device. The provider can monitor your activities, such as which websites you visit. AVG comes into play here. It protects you by automatically scanning the connected Wi-Fi.

Best Anti-Theft Feature

AVG Antivirus includes a slew of anti-theft features that can come in handy if you misplace your smartphone. It can sometimes assist you in quickly locating your phone. For example, if you lose or steal your smartphone, you can view its location on Google Maps. You can also remotely lock your smartphone and display an emergency message on the lock screen. It’s also helpful if you’ve misplaced your phone; someone can connect you with this message. Another option is to start a siren sound, which will also help you find your phone. All of the anti-theft features are entirely free to use.

Key Feature:

  • Examine the phone’s memory for malware and viruses.
  • Google Maps’ ability to locate a stolen phone
  • High levels of security and privacy protection
  • Close unnecessary apps to speed up your phone.
  • Remote phone locking capability
  • The ability to schedule viruses on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Back up your apps and settings.
  • Ability to delete stolen personal phone information

How to Download and Install AVG Antivirus APK For Free?

You can easily download AVG Antivirus APK from this page by clicking on the top download button. The Apk file will then begin to download on your device. You only need to install it on your smartphone to use all of the features after downloading it. You can use the step-by-step installation guide if you don’t know how to install the Apk properly. It’s right here.

  • Visit this page in your browser.
  • Next, click the download button and wait for the process to complete.
  • Once the download is complete, open the File Manager and select the Apk.
  • Enabling “Unknown Sources” may be required before accessing the Install option.
AVG AntiVirus APK
AVG AntiVirus APK


Does AVG keep track of my browsing history?

AVG AntiTrack also discards tracking cookies but instead internet activity, so people on the other side of the screen have no idea what you’re doing online.

Is AVG capable of scanning text messages?

AVG can scan all of your apps, as well as your text messages and storage.

Does AVG conceal the IP address?

AVG Secure VPN conceals your IP address, allowing you to hide your location. This prevents websites and servers from tracking your actual location.

Is AVG security safe?

Is AVG Antivirus safe to use? For everyone, AVG Antivirus is a possible option. It will have no negative impact on your system, quite the opposite. This is because AVG is an excellent tool for detecting existing viruses and preventing new threats from entering your device.


On this page, you can get a free download of AVG Antivirus APK with Pro Unlocked features. In addition, we will go over all of the elements with you in depth. I hope you find this page helpful and will share it with your friends.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below. Finally, thank you for visiting our website.

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