BeautyPlus APK v7.5.160 (Free Edit) For Android in 2023


In order to look good, makeup is a need, and BeautyuPlus APK offers a complete answer. Your face can be made up with lipstick, eyeshadow, brows, and even hair dye.
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BeautyPlus APK is the best option if you’re looking for the most excellent selfie camera software that can take beautiful pictures of your face. It features hundreds of beautiful filters and a fantastic Auto-Beautification tool. This smartphone camera software allows you to take stunning selfies. You have access to more than 30 tools for altering photos and getting the perfect selfie. Your shot will be perfect and expert-looking because of all those tools and filter choices.

awesome, no? You know that selfie cameras are used by 800 million users of the photo-editing app to capture beautiful images. As a result, you might also buy a smartphone and want to take a good selfie. I know.

Excellent features and an easy-to-use interface characterize this application. When you open the app, the camera will automatically be given your chosen filter. After snapping a selfie, you can modify it for a more remarkable result.

The BeautyPlus APK may be downloaded for free on this page and includes all pro-unlocked features. It suggests that you can utilize all the premium features and take advantage of ad-free browsing. In addition, we walk you through each of the key features in detail. So if you want to download and use this program, let’s get started

BeautyPlus APK
BeautyPlus APK

Why Select BeautyPlus APK?

BeautyPlus APK a modified version of the program offers all the premium features gratis. Selfies with expert filters can be taken by users without any restrictions. Additionally, all editing tools are exclusively freely available to Android users. The user interface is simple and welcoming, and the app provides the finest ad-free experience. Additionally, it might offer some beneficial extra features for free.

Best Features of BeautyPlus APK:

You undoubtedly already know that BeautyPlus has a ton of functions, and its Apk version offers some extra premium features without requiring a different login. Here is a list of every feature your gadget has to offer.

Take the Live Selfie with Beautiful Filters

The main function of BeautyPlus is to capture selfies with distinctive filters. It offers a wide range of intriguing filters and effects as a result. The front camera on your smartphone will automatically start up after you launch the app. After that, you can take a shot of your face using your preferred filters. The best feature is the ability to swipe left or right to adjust the filters. You can take a selfie after determining which is most appropriate given the surroundings. You may also look through the available filters and choose the finest one for your expert selfie. It is essentially necessary for sharing on social media. So, if you already know which app is the greatest, you can try this one as well as all the others.

Advanced Photo Editor with Powerful Tools

You can modify the selfie after you take it to improve its appearance. As a result, the app provides a comprehensive photo editor option with more than 30 tools at no additional cost. You won’t require a different app from this one to edit your selfie pictures if you utilize it.

Additionally, BeautyPlus has an auto-enhance tool that uses AI to improve your shot with only one click. This feature is helpful for newbies, but you can also utilize it because it functions well. It automatically recognizes and improves all backgrounds and objects.

The Photo Editor’s most sophisticated feature is the Remover tool. In this instance, the app’s use of AI to delete undesired things is successful. Additionally, you may make fantastic portrait effects with the blur tool, magic brush tool, collages, rotating the image, cropping, and other tools.

Add text, AR stickers, and trending stickers.

Creatively utilizing cool stickers can raise the general caliber of the photograph. As a result, the app offers a wide variety of fun stickers. You will get a full sticker collection to use with your selfie. The most remarkable aspect is how frequently new trending stickers are uploaded each day.

Several text templates can be used to add text to your image. The templates are all free to use and all appear to be high-end and contemporary. Every template’s background color, text fonts, color, spacing, and even position may all be changed. You can add text to your image using all available methods.

The app releases new, charming augmented reality stickers for a fun game, and the stickers themselves are rather stunning. All you have to do is choose the best AR Sticker by browsing the collection.

Makeup After Taking the Selfie

To look good, makeup is a need, and BeautyuPlus APK offers a complete answer. Your face can be made up with lipstick, eyeshadow, brows, and even hair dye. The makeup looks all natural and genuine, which is nice. You don’t feel it is out of the ordinary. Applying makeup after snapping a selfie with the front camera is therefore advised.


You could see some adverts on the app’s UI if you got BeautyPlus from the Play Store because the free edition of the app includes them. On the App UI in the app, there aren’t any advertisements, though. You can utilize all of the premium features that have been unlocked as a consequence and enjoy an ad-free user interface.

Maintain Your Beauty:

Acne Remover: If your face has acne, blemishes, or pimples, you may easily get rid of them to look radiant. To get rid of acne on your face, use the Acne Remover tool.
Smooth Your Face Screen: You can use the smooth tool to make your face’s skin smoother.
Height Adjustment: You can fast enhance your height if you are short and want to alter your body. The height adjustment tool can be used to raise your size naturally.
Beautify: You can use the beautify tool to rapidly improve your shot without extra effort. It can solve all of your issues and enhance the appearance of your selfie.

Looks Slim: You can drag to make your arms, face, and other parts of your body look slimmer. To change your physique, you merely need to drag the Slim tool after selecting it.
Enhancement of the eyes: It’s simple to remove dark circles from a selfie if you’d like to. Simply use the Eye repair tool to naturally widen your eyes and get rid of dark circles.
Whitening your teeth: If you are self-conscious about your smile because you have unusually colored or unusually shaped teeth, don’t be. Because using instruments for teeth whitening makes it simple to solve the issue and whiten your teeth.

How Do I Get BeautyPlus APK For Free?

The website offers a free download of the BeautyPlus APK. All you need to do is click the download button on the app’s download page. When you have finished this step, the downloading process will start. The files must be installed on your device before you can use them.

  • Visit Techmoze using your device’s preferred web browser.
  • Afterward, run a search for the name and click the download icon.
  • When the download is complete, open the File Manager app on your phone.
  • Just take a look at it and touch on the APK file.
  • Use contexts and turn on “Unknown Sources” if you see more blocking concerns.
BeautyPlus APK
BeautyPlus APK


Is it safe to use BeautyPlus APK?

The Indian authorities determined that BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera is malware or spyware.

Which is superior, BeautyPlus APK or B612?

In conclusion, B612 is an excellent filter camera app and, at least for AR stickers, you would undoubtedly find it superior to BeautyPlus.

What filtering app do girls use?

Girls all around the world use the YouCam Makeup app to alter their appearance, and it is the greatest. It is the greatest beauty camera app for adding makeup filters, fixing skin imperfections, and embellishing selfies with adorable backgrounds and animations.


We’ll go over all of BeautyPlus APK‘s expensively unlocked features today, which you can download for free. A step-by-step installation manual is also available. I hope you enjoy the article.

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