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Kick the Buddy won't be enjoyable if you don't alter the game's background.
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Nowadays, many people live in depression, so we have come up with an exciting game to get rid of all the trouble; you will forget your trouble when you play it; the name of this game is kick The Buddy APK. This excellent game has attracted many people. It is still very trending. The game is a collection of torturing logos, which helps the player enjoy some time.

You’ll like the game since he will respond to everything with a genuine voice and sound effects. You can utilize a variety of objects in this situation, including colored balls, baby cubes, helium, rolling pins, firearms, and rockets, among others. You can safely let out your frustration without physically harming somebody.

kick the Buddy
kick the Buddy

Review of Kick The Buddy in its totality:

Playgendary, a renowned game development studio responsible for many amusing and engaging games, created and launched Kick the Buddy. Due to its gameplay and other features, Kick The Buddy APK has received an overall rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store. Look at some of the standout ones in our succinct evaluation below.

Feature Of Kick The Buddy:

Simple and easy to play

Finding a game that is enjoyable to play and addictive is difficult. On the other hand, kick the Buddy for Android is here to provide you with all its user-friendly features. This game is more than just a game because, in addition to being enjoyable, its primary goal is to de-stress players.

Various Items

When you initially start playing this game, you’ll notice several items available to utilize in any way you see fit to defeat the dummy. You can chop the dummy into several pieces or pin it to the wall with the arrows available in the game.

You can also use various dummy weapons to attack the dummy. The dummy can also be chased about the room.

Win Bonuses

Avoid abusing the doll excessively and neglecting to think about the fabulous prizes you could get. The ‘Extra’ tab in the game is where you should look to keep track of your accomplishments. Here, you will also discover the upcoming difficulties you must overcome. Completing these tasks allows you to gain numerous in-game incentives or premium features. As a result, you can torture the doll and still receive rewards.

Spice Things Up

Kick The Buddy APK won’t be enjoyable if you don’t alter the game’s background. Kick the Buddy is initially played on a plain background of a cardboard box. You don’t have to play the game while this light background is there. You may quickly alter the background to make things more attractive with a few clicks in the “Décor” tab. Employ your ability to alter anything, including the background of each session and the clothes and weapons you use on the doll.

Play the game online or offline

You can play this game offline just like you would if you had internet access, even if you don’t. Don’t worry if you’re playing the game without an internet connection; once your connection is restored, your progress will be immediately saved.

Gold and money are limitless

The PlayStore offers a free download and play of the game, but to torture your friend, you must buy many goods. You may easily use all of this stuff while playing Kick. The Buddy is thanks to our apk, which gives you access to them for free.

Kick the Buddy Apk Installation:

Here, we’ll go over how to download, configure, and install an app on your device (smartphone and tablet). Even novice users may download these instructions because they are so simple.

Even if you’ve never installed anything, you can still acquire the App in a simple step.

  • You first select the download. The Buddy Apk file, kick.
  • Click Install after downloading, and then click Open.
  • Your app will be accessible.
kick the Buddy
kick the Buddy

How can Kick The Buddy Apk be installed on a computer?

Install Kick The Buddy APk on your PC using this method. You can set it up utilizing NOX or

Bluestack. This is how the technique works:

To run any mobile app on your PC, you must first download and install Bluestacks, an Android emulator, on your computer.

You can obtain the Apk Version from our site when installing the emulator.

When you download the file, select “Import from Windows” to run it and start playing.


How can you get an unlimited supply of money in Kick the Buddy?

You are required to pay for all in-app purchases if you got the game from the PlayStore. You will get everything free while playing the game if you download and install our Kick the Buddy.

Is a Kick The Buddy Apk version available on the Google Play Store?

Because unidentified third parties developed it, the Google Play store does not offer it.
On the other hand, you can download the game’s hack from our

What benefits does the Kick the Buddy Apk app offer?

The only advantage of using this modified Kick, the Buddy APK, is that it gives you access to all the things that are usually available only for purchase in the original Kick the Buddy game.


By exploding, destroying, shooting, smashing, firing, freezing, tossing, and sending the might of the Gods, you can now play with the power of the Gods by downloading the Kick the Buddy. You can blow things up and destroy them along with other Kick the Buddy Apk-related activities. You can play the game because Kick the Buddy never lets you down.

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