Temp Mail APK (Premium Unlocked) For Android in 2023


This article will explore downloading Temp Mail APK with all premium features unlocked. We also walk you through installing the app step by step.
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You must register on the Temp Mail APK platform before using any online service on a website or application. Your email address must be provided to create an account or join up. However, if you frequently send your original email to different websites, your mailbox may overflow with spam and other undesirable emails.

What, then, is the answer?

The best action is registering on websites or other platforms using a disposable temporary email address. Here, Temp Mail APK aids you. You may quickly and easily create a temporary email utilizing this program to receive verification mail that includes any attachments, pictures, videos, and documents.

The most remarkable aspect of Temp Mail APK is that anyone can create a temporary email, and it’s entirely free. In actuality, it’s simple to keep your inbox organized. It provides both a web and a mobile application. But in this case, we’re solely discussing the free Android Apk for Temp Mail.

Its user interface is relatively straightforward and intuitive. To register, all you have to do is copy the email address.

Today, you can get the Temp Mail APK for nothing and with all the premium features unlocked. We go into great detail about all of its most significant and unlocked features.

Temp Mail APK
Temp Mail APK

Why Choose Temp Mail APK?

A program that has been modified to include all premium features is called Temp Mail APK. It may rapidly and for no cost generate a throwaway temporary email account. They are simple for users to utilize to protect and secure the actual inbox. With the Apk, you may receive bespoke email addresses, expensive domain names, and an interface with no advertisements for nothing. The program’s user interface (UI) was made with novices in mind. Because of this, anyone can quickly generate an email address and use it to sign up for services online.

Temp Mail APK Best Features:

You may be aware that Temp Mail has many unique and fascinating features, and if you use its customized app, you may also access all premium features. So we decide to talk about all of its benefits without charge.

Easy to Generate Temporary Email

When you open the app, a temporary email address is generated. To generate the temporary email, you don’t need to register for this app or go through any complicated steps. It only requires you to instantly open the app to generate a unique email address. You may now sign up for any service on the internet using your email address.

It is a fantastic approach to safeguard your email address and prevent junk mail from entering your inbox. To register on a website, you must also confirm your email address. So, they send an email including an OTP or link for verification. You may quickly get emails containing verification links, photographs, and other attachments on your device if you use the Temp Mail APK. The inbox option is located below the screen and automatically refreshes so you can quickly view your email.

Get numerous emails with attachments.

Temp Mail offers 10 minutes of free email access. As a result, you may receive more than one email at that time. Additionally, you may effortlessly obtain many emails with attachments using our Apk. As a result, you undoubtedly get and download all different branches, including pictures, movies, documents, and others. If there are any attachments in the email, you can view them and choose to download them to your device.

Option to Copy to Clipboard and Create QR Code

As was already indicated, when a user starts the app, an email address is generated automatically that may be used to sign up immediately. So, you may quickly copy the temporary email address with just a single push of the copy button. Another excellent choice is the QR Code, which makes it simple to create the QR code for a freshly created temporary disposable email. You don’t require a third-party QR-code generator in this situation.

Receive Push Alerts for New Email

It produces the temporary email and then begins to receive it. All your received emails will appear below the screen, where you may read, click on links, download attachments, etc. Additionally, it helps receive new emails as soon as feasible.

Custom Domain

If you wish to use a custom domain as a temporary disposable email address, you can do so with this premium option. You could want to create a temporary email address for your custom domain if you have a custom domain. You can use this custom domain for free, and most people use it for business because every user of Temp Mail APK is given access to this custom domain option without charge.

No Registration Required

You can access Temp Mail’s features without registering using the browser version or the mobile app. If you utilize the web version, you must go to its official domain first, after which a temporary email will be generated. You only need to install and open the mobile application if you use it. The email address is then generated for you to copy, create a QR code, and use for nothing.

Extend Storage of Email Inbox

You may be aware that email uses storage as well, and this application uses server storage, which you must increase to receive more emails and attachments. Its free edition only provides minimal storage, but the Apk gives you access to the premium function and makes it simple to increase the email inbox’s storage.

No Ads

Ads are highly upsetting and irritating. Although the free edition of the Temp Mail application has many advertisements, every user wishes to get rid of them. However, the Temp Mail app’s interface is free of advertising and has a pristine look. You also enjoy the most excellent ad-free experience with this premium feature.

More Premium Unlocked Features

  • Avoid being a victim of spam and phishing attacks.
  • Support a language choice.
  • Keep your email inbox and personal information secure.
  • Create new email addresses quickly and easily.
  • You can use a premium domain as a temporary email account.

System Requirments Temp Mail APK:

Before downloading or installing this program, you should check your device’s minimal requirements. It is crucial to achieving a stable and seamless performance. This is it.

  • RAM: 3GB or More Minimum
  • Processor: Minimum 1.8GHz Octa-Core [recommended SD 625]
  • Storage: 19MB Operating system: more than Android 6.0
  • Location, Phone Storage, and Camera Permission
Temp Mail APK
Temp Mail APK

How to Quickly and Easily Download and Install Temp Mail APK?

From the TECHMOZE website, you can quickly and for no cost download Temp Mail APK. You only need to go to the app download page and press the download button. To enjoy all of its unlocked capabilities, you must install them when the downloading is finished. To properly install the app, just follow the easy steps.

  • Launch your preferred web browser and go to this page.
  • To begin the Apk install on your phone, tap the download button.
  • Open the File Manager on your phone after the download is finished.
  • Go to settings and enable “Unknown Sources” if you are experiencing blocking issues.
  • Congrats! You may now use the Temp Mail Apk on your Android smartphone to create temporary emails.


This article will explore downloading Temp Mail APK with all premium features unlocked. We also walk you through installing the app step by step. I hope you enjoy the article. Please share it if you think your friends will benefit from it.

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