YouTube Pink APK (Premium Unlocked) in 2023


We attempt to provide the download link and go over all of YouTube Pink Apk's features in this post. Additionally, we offer detailed instructions for correctly installing the program.
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The biggest video-sharing website YouTube Pink APK allows you to browse and upload videos to your channel. YouTube has a tonne of fun and practical features available. You may now utilize YouTube Pink Apk if you wish to use some amazing and important features. It has all the official features in addition to some additional extras.

You may download Pink YouTube Apk for free if you have an Android smartphone or tablet. Here, you may download the most recent and best-modified version of YouTube for free. Its user interface is user-friendly and has a pink color scheme.

You may quickly watch the YouTube videos of all your favorite producers, download any video, enable background play, and do a lot more. Only the YouTube Pink App has all of those characteristics, and it functions incredibly well on all smartphone models.

So, today we’re going to give you the option to download the YouTube Pink App, which has a tonne of extra useful features. Additionally, we make an effort to go through every feature that you can use on your smartphone in depth. Let’s get started if you’re eager to use and download.

YouTube Pink APK
YouTube Pink APK

Why Choose YouTube Pink APK?

YouTube Pink is a pink color theme app that has been customized. It offers free access to all the standard features as well as some modified ones. It can manage your videos on your channels, play videos in the background, and much more. There are other themes and a dark mode available, but the interface remains the same overall. Users may quickly watch any videos, download them, and have them play in the background.

Features of the YouTube pink APK:

As we already mentioned, YouTube Pink offers all the essential capabilities in addition to a few extra useful ones. Therefore, you should understand better use if you truly want to make use of all the best characteristics. This is the fundamental justification for our detailed discussion of all the features. This is it.

Play Videos in the Background

With the Pink YouTube app, you may enjoy the premium function known as background playing without paying anything. When playing a song and wishing to utilize another app at the same time, this feature is quite helpful. Now, you can’t have videos playing in the background if you use the standard app without a premium subscription. The audio stops playing and you are unable to hear anything when you launch another app right away.

Therefore, you ought to utilize this program if you love your favorite music song or other videos in the background. because background playing is available for free on all devices.

Easy to Download All Videos

YouTube just offers the ability to watch videos online. You can only view, comment on, like, share, save to a playlist, etc., on the video. But formally, downloading videos from YouTube is not an option. However, a large number of customers desire to download the movie for later use or viewing offline. To do this, they attempt to leverage websites or programs from third parties.

However, if you utilize YouTube Pink APK, you won’t need to use any third-party software or websites. With just one click, this program can download every YouTube video. You merely need to open any video to access the download button. Click it to save the movie in a new location.

Dark Mode Available

The majority of apps today support dark mode, which is a really helpful feature. The dark mode is particularly popular, especially at night. Pink YouTube is your best bet if you’re seeking the best YouTube app for dark mode. We can continue watching videos without experiencing eye strain thanks to the dark mode. Therefore, if you utilize YouTube’s dark mode, you can download and install this app on your smartphone.

Use Default Pink Colored Theme

The pink color is attractive and can be used with a variety of themes. You can also use the Blue YouTube app that is also available. On your phone, you’ll enjoy the newest pink YouTube theme. Its layout and interface also have a fairly wonderful and alluring appearance. Therefore, download the app and use it on your device if you enjoy the Pink color and all those functions.

No Restriction on Local Video

The other regional videos watched are restricted by the original YouTube. You have to hunt for those local videos and work hard to find them before you can watch them. But everyone can do it thanks to YouTube Pink Apk. In essence, it removes the prohibition on regional or local videos. Therefore, you are free to watch any type of local video without any hassle. Nice, no?

Play Video in a Loop

When you want to watch a specific video repeatedly, the loop feature of videos can be really handy. You can utilize the video play-in-loop feature without spending any money on the YouTube Pink App. Installing this app and turning on the loop video option is therefore necessary. The video can then be readily used to play repeatedly.

The interface and the video have no ads

All users can watch free videos on YouTube because of the adverts that the platform displays. But advertisements are highly upsetting, particularly when watching movies. There are numerous advertisements on the app UI, and video commercials appear when you open a video. Ads appear abruptly even as the video is being played. So, YouTube Pink is for you if you’re tired of these obnoxious adverts and want a simple user experience. You can use it without any advertising on the video, and it doesn’t have any on the UI.

Use All Unlocked Premium Features

You have probably already downloaded the original YouTube app to your device, I’m pretty sure. These days, this software gives out a lot of functionality. However, a premium subscription is required if you wish to access some other services, such as those with no advertisements. However, YouTube Pink App has already unlocked all premium features, so you can use them all on your device for nothing. There is no requirement for a subscription. The whole range of premium features is available for use without restriction.

System Requirments YouTube Pink APK:

Make sure your device complies with the minimum system requirements before downloading and installing Pink YouTube App. It is crucial to achieving a fluid and effective performance. This is it.

  • RAM: 3GB or More Minimum
  • Processor: Minimum 1.8GHz Octa-Core [recommended SD 625]
  • Operating System: Android 4.4 or above
  • Capacity: 50 MB
  • Location, Gallery, Contacts, Contacts, Personal Information, and Phone Storage are all permitted.

How to Download and Install the YouTube Pink APK on Your Smartphone?

It’s incredibly simple to obtain the most recent YouTube Pink APK from the TECHmoze website. The download then begins on your device with the APK. You must install them before using them after downloading the file. Now, if you’re unsure about how to install the app quickly, you can follow our detailed installation instructions.

  • You must use your device’s internet browser to access this page.
  • To get the app for free, click the download button.
  • Once the download is complete, open the Context Menu on your phone.
  • Simply open the folder and select the app.
  • If you have any trouble blocking, go to the settings menu and enable “Unknown Sources.”
  • Congratulations! Right now, you can access all premium features.
YouTube Pink APK
YouTube Pink APK


What is provided by the YouTube Pink App?

With YouTube Blue, you can watch videos without ads, listen to music even when the screen is off, and adjust the brightness and volume on the side of both the video player.

On YouTube Pink, how can you connect to your Gmail account?

You must connect to your Gmail account using the designated microG App on YouTube Pink APK.

Where can I get the Pink YouTube APK?

You can always download the most recent YouTube Pink APK by going to Cyanogen Mods.


We attempt to provide the download link and go over all of YouTube Pink APK features in this post. Additionally, we offer detailed instructions for correctly installing the program. I sincerely hope you enjoy the article. If you think your best friend will find it useful, kindly share it. If you have any issues or queries, kindly leave a comment. Include your favorite aspects as well.

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